Real Time X-Ray Inspection Systems offer alternatives to product disposal

By Robert Scott, III

When food and beverage manufacturers identify a product contamination or defect, a fast cost-effective alternative to product disposal is available. Real time x-ray inspection systems offer a time-sensitive, efficient solution to help manufacturers isolate these contaminants and reclaim the unaffected product.

Many food and beverage manufacturers utilize in-line automated x-ray and metal detection systems to provide front-line protection against contamination events. When these events occur smaller yet harmful fragments can remain in the product. “In situations such as these, real-time, high resolution x-ray inspection systems can be used to identify and remove the contaminated product and salvage the remaining lot.” says Robert Scott III, President of Total Quality Corporation, the industry’s leading provider of x-ray inspection solutions for 30 years.

Real-time x-ray inspections provide an alternative to product disposal or recall, while meeting today’s heightened food safety standards and guidelines. Because the systems are mobile, inspections can be expedited quickly, enabling manufacturers to save valuable time and money. These ultra high resolution systems can identify contaminants such as metal, bone, stone, glass, rubber and plastics. They can detect contaminants as small as 0.5 mm in a wide variety of product packaging including cans, glass jars, foil pouches, plastic containers and bags. Dry goods, liquids, frozen items and raw products can all be safely inspected using FDA/USDA approved methods and systems. Large quantities of cased products can be inspected in a relatively short amount of time, providing a cost effective alternative to product disposal.

These mobile inspection systems are transported to the manufacturer or a storage facility where inspections can begin immediately. Through the use of real-time imaging, high resolution x-ray images are instantly displayed on a video monitor as the product runs through the system allowing the technician to remove the contaminated product and enabling the non-contaminated product to be re-claimed, saving time and money for the manufacturer.

Real-time x-ray inspections provide food and beverage manufacturers a cost-saving alternative to product disposal and has allowed them to reclaim millions of dollars of product annually while maintaining high safety standards and ensuring that they are delivering a safe product to their customers.