Ice Cream Inspection 225000 Cases

Case Study
225,000 Cases of Ice Cream

A global food manufacturer

Customer contacted us because of a quality hold for 225,000 cases of ice cream that needed to be inspected for metal and glass foreign material to meet the requirements of their customer.


  • Customer sent product for samples testing
  • Validation testing was positive for detection of 0.8mm metal, and 1.5mm glass foreign material in the master cases of product.
  • Project was quoted and scheduled the same day.
  • Product was stored in a 3rd party cold storage facility, we dispatched equipment and technicians to supervise the entire inspection at that facility. We worked together as a team to accomplish the inspection as efficiently as possible.

RESULTS The results were successful allowing our customer to ship the product and salvage over 98% of their product.

Approximate Retail Value $5,000,000