Case Study: X-Ray Inspection for a Leading Gourmet Dessert Company

Our Client:A Leading Gourmet Dessert Company - Cheesecake

Our client is a top gourmet dessert manufacturer with a global customer base, mainly restaurants and cafes, and needs to maintain high quality standards for their premium products.

Manufacturing Issue:

Frozen cheesecake with metal defectThis client was finding brass-metal chips, down to 0.8mm in size in their desserts, specifically their gourmet cheesecake products.  The in-line x-ray and metal detectors that they had in place were not accurately detecting the brass contaminants.  5910 cases of their cheesecake products ($1.4M in value) were on quality hold due to this problem.

The TQC Approach:

Our approach consisted of four key steps:
  1.  We requested sample cases of the products and the brass contaminants for complimentary, confidential testing.  Detection for the contaminants was positive. Able to detect down to 0.8mm.
  2.  We provided client with two job quotations: one for performing the inspection at their facility and one for reworking the product at our CT headquarters. The client decided to ship their product to our headquarters.
  3.  The client’s Senior QA manager met with our team and oversaw the beginning of the inspection.
  4.  We separated out the contaminated product, provided daily reports and a final report of the inspection, ultimately finding defects in approx. 15% of their product. The inspection of all 5910 cases was completed within one week.

Benefits Achieved:

Our client saved over $1.2M worth of product by reworking their cheesecake products.  They successfully shipped the now customer-ready cheesecake products to their clients overseas within 10 days after completion of the inspection.  They retained 98% of the product’s retail value by contracting us to rework the cheesecakes.